About Us

Kevin McGuinness

The foundation for History Services was laid over thirty years ago when Kevin McGuinness began researching his family history.

During his research, he was delighted to find four convicts in his family background. He became so fascinated by the lives that each had led, that it wet his appetite to find out more on other convicts who came to New South Wales.

To commence this quest, Kevin began compiling a summary of information on all convicts from the New South Wales Government Gazette, which was first published in 1832. This was the start of a massive research project that has culminated in the Convict Databases of History Services.

After extracting all suitable information on the convicts from the New South Wales Government Gazette, Kevin began a similar process with other sources of information, such as the Sydney Gazette for the period 1811 to 1831, Parliamentary Papers, State Records, books, journals and primary internet sources.

His work later extended to other significant research projects comprising Hotel and Liquor Licensees; Gold Mining Companies and Investors; Local Government Petitioners; Government Contracts and Contractors; Mail Delivery Contracts and Contractors; Inventions and Inventors; and Auctioneers.