Hotel and Liquor Licenses


From the earliest days of the colony, the supply of liquor played a significant role in the economic and social structure of New South Wales. Because of its importance, the liquor industry and associated activities were subject to legislative control.

In the Hotel and Liquor Licensees Database, History Services has a complete index of over 52,000 persons who were licensed in the New South Wales liquor industry from 1856 to 1900, in the following licence categories:

  • Publican (1865 to 1900)
  • Brandy
  • Brewer
  • Wine and Spirit Merchant
  • Wine, Cider and Perry (1873 to 1876)
  • Distillation (including scientific activities)
  • Packet (sell liquor on passenger ships)
  • Billiard and Bagatelle (many publicans held such licences) (1873 to 1900).

For a fee of $25 per search, History Services will undertake a search of the Hotel and Liquor Licensees Database for a nominated person.

You will receive a Result of Search by email which lists the following information held for all persons with that name:

  • Licence type(s);
  • Name and location of the licensed premises
  • Ship's name (Packet licence only)
  • Period over which each licence was held
  • District to which each licence related
  • Details of the NSW Government Gazette references that support the licence information.

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Sample Result of Search

Sample Result of Search